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We are a website dedicated to providing real desktop clocks, timers, statistical timers, desktop wallpapers, themes, and useful related resources.

We are proud to offer selected desktop wallpapers with matching real-time clocks and timers creating desktop themes unlike anything else you have previously seen on the web. These are real clocks with smooth moving hands or digits that count time right there on the desktop wallpaper/theme. These clocks and timers are all completely free - they are not shareware, neither are they those horrendous clock screen savers - just real working clocks and timers full of features that not only make your desktop fun to use and the envy of everyone, but will also offer a practical dimension to your working environment.

Analog Clock Desktop Wallpapers

Remember When Nostalgic Art Analog Clocks Desktop Wallpapers

The World Trade Center


"Remember When" Analog Clocks

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Tribal Visions


Abstract Art Analog Clocks

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Abstract Art Analog Clock Desktop Wallpapers

Our analog clock themes and desktop wallpapers are based on the excellent free ClocX software program which is not dependent on an internet connection, does not use Flash, nor Java, and is completely compatible with all Windows operating systems including Windows Vista and Windows 7, however ClocX is much more versatile than the standard Microsoft clocks, offering superb desktop wallpaper possibilities as illustrated in the sample images above.

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Digital Clock Desktop Wallpapers

Abstract Art Digital Clock Desktop Wallpapers



Abstract Art Digital Clocks

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A Place To Live


Grunge Art Digital Clocks

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Grunge Art Digital Clock Desktop Wallpapers

Our digital clock themes and desktop wallpapers are based on the free DS Clock and TimeLeft software, using selected text fonts. Both are fully compatible with all Windows operating systems including Vista and Windows 7, support multiple time zones, fully configurable time and date display, personal text, etc. These digital clocks blend in well with your desktop wallpapers creating unique desktop themes.

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Desktop Wallpaper Countdown Timers

Armageddon Countdown Timers Desktop Wallpapers

End Of Days


Armageddon Countdown

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Been Crawling


Since Birth Count Up

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Since Birth Count Up Timer Desktop Wallpapers

Currently we are supporting the comprehensive TimeLeft Digital Desktop Clock which offers many time keeping possiblities including Digital Clock, Countup/Countdown Timers, Reminders, Alarms, Stopwatch, full time display configuration, etc.

We are also supporting the free PhanTim3 Countdown Timer, a simple yet effective timer that is easy to incorporate into a desktop wallpaper or theme. Countdown from just a few hours or from years in the future.

More InfoRead More About TimeLeft Digital Desktop Clock

More InfoRead More About PhanTim3 Desktop Countdown Timer

Completely Free

These clocks are not shareware, they do not time out, they do not contain any advertising - they are 100% clean, safe, and they are fully compatible with all Windows platforms from Windows 98 to Windows 7.

They are lightweight on computer resources, you have full control over their size, positioning, transparency, on top or not, etc. etc.

You can also use the clocks and timers with any other desktop wallpaper that you choose, not just our desktop wallpapers.

To get these desktop wallpaper clocks is easy, simply download one of our free Clock Winzip Packs which include everything - the software, the desktop wallpapers, and selected clock face skins or fonts, and by reading our positioning and settings information you will get exactly the same results as we show in our examples. Need more clock faces? Then check out our clock skins gallery - download the entire collection - FREE.

Go ahead and look around, perhaps we might have just what you are looking for...

ClockWorlds Tips

Windows XP Black Theme - From Microsoft!

Once upon a time after the launch of XP, somewhere in Redmond, someone on the Microsoft design team wanted to develop something special for Windows XP Media Center. The design was believed to be too powerful for public consumption and forever archived on the servers at 1 Microsoft... ???

During the development of the XP Media Center, the graphic artists produced a black theme known as Royale Noir, sans the overused “glass” effect. Since the theme was never officially released there are a few issues with it: some of the colors don't meet the overall “feel” (they're too purple-ish compared to the greys of the bitmaps) and the inactive titlebars are a little too dark. Also you will find that the "Start" button is still the traditional XP green when you mouse over it, however don't let that put you off, this is still a cool theme and a great relief for Windows XP users who are perhaps fed up with the nasty standard silver, blue, and green pre-installed themes.

The "Royale Noir" theme is signed by Microsoft and doesn't require a custom "UxTheme.dll" in case there are any doubts as to its authenticity, and has not been released to anyone outside of Microsoft, until now.

Download the Winzip file, unzip it, click on the self installer, and voila - you have Windows XP Black. PS: You may need to reset your desktop wallpaper after installing.

Download Windows XP Royale Noir Here

Windows XP Royale Noir Black Theme
Windows XP Royale Noir Black Theme

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